Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dodgers miss out on Cliff Lee, goes to Philly

Earlier today, the Philadelphia Phillies acquired LHP Cliff Lee and OF Ben Francisco for four prospects. The four prospects the Phillies dealt were RHP Carlos Carrasco, RHP Jason Knapp, SS Jason Donald and C Lou Marson. Lee is the reigning Cy Young Award winner in the American League.

The Dodgers were said to be very interested in Lee, but apparently a deal could not be struck. The Phillies made out like bandits in this trade. Carrasco is the best prospect in this deal, but he's had a really tough season at Triple-A Lehigh. Knapp is a high-ceiling guy, but there are concerns about his mechanics, injury concerns (he is on the DL in the minros right now) and profiles as a reliever. Donald is a utility infielder and Marson is a decent catching prospect. However, the Indians have Carlos Santana, whom the Dodgers traded to Cleveland last year for Casey Blake. He is one of the best catching prospects in all of baseball.

The question now, is, what are the Dodgers going to do before Friday? I think they had their sights set on Lee, but that option is gone. Roy Halladay is likely too pricey, though, I think the Dodgers could still explore that option. George Sherrill seems to be atop the list of potential acquisitions for L.A. However, time is running out. The Dodgers are almost forced to counter the Lee trade if they want to compete with the Phillies in the postseason.

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