Monday, June 7, 2010

Dodgers' Draft: Really?

OK, so the MLB Draft is today and the Dodgers drafted right-handed pitcher Zach Lee, a high schooler from Texas.

Lee fits the profile of a Logan White draft: A projectable high school power pitcher with great athleticism.

So what's the big deal?

Lee has signed a letter of intent to LSU to be a two-sport star. He's one of the best prep QBs in the country and LSU has one of the best collegiate baseball programs in the country.

The biggest question mark with this guy is his signability. Some speculate it might take a $3 million signing bonus to get Lee away from his committment to LSU.

Keith Law tweeted the following response when the Dodgers made their pick:


Wow indeed.

Immediate speculation is the Dodgers made this pick knowing they wouldn't be able to sign him, thus saving Frank McCourt, who's in the middle of a messy divorce, the money.

It's sad, but this is seemingly the reality for Dodger fans these days.

If the Dodgers can't even afford to pay $1 million to their first-round pick (not Lee, obviously), then what makes you think they'll be able to add a desperately-needed starter at the deadline?

Just sell the team already, Frank.

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