Monday, June 28, 2010

This is the season

This is it.

This is the make-or-break part of the season.

The Dodgers (40-35, 5 GB in NL West) lost in embarrassing fashion to the Yankees on national television Sunday night, 8-6. Jonathan Broxton, one of the most dominant pitchers in baseball this season, was used on consecutive days in non-save situations and gave up four runs in the ninth inning, allowing the Yanks to tie the game.

The ridiculously bad combination of Ramon Troncoso and George Sherrill ended up giving up the game in the 10th inning.

It's typically a big win that is the turning point or defining moment of a season. However, last night's loss just feels like it is going to determine the season's outcome.

If the Dodgers go on to play well for the next month and are in first place by the trading deadline, they'll be looking to add a player or two for the stretch run (depending on cost, as we all know McCourt isn't going to spend virtually any money).

If the Dodgers continue to tank, we could see a firesale of epic proportions (my own speculation, of course).

Who would be on the block? The question to ask is who won't be?

Manny Ramirez would be attractive to an AL team in need of a designated hitter. Casey Blake could interest a team like Minnesota. Hiroki Kuroda would be awfully intriguing to a team looking for a solid No. 3 starter (provided he'd waive his no-trade clause). In a waffer-thin reliever market, guys like Ronald Bellisario and Hong-Chih Kuo (not that I would trade Kuo) could entice teams.

Pretty much anyone not named Kershaw, Ethier and Broxton could be available for the right price.

But let's not jump the gun. One month is a long time in baseball and a lot of things can happen.

Emotions are running high (and hot) after last night's debacle, but there's still time to get things back on track.

But things have to change now.

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