Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Feelin' Kinda Defeated

"That might be the straw that broke the camel's back."

- Vin Scully

Vin Scully has uttered that phrase (or some variation of it) many a time in his illustrious broadcasting career. A lot of Dodger fans and supporters are feeling this way about last night's debacle. I won't go into it, as I'm sure you already know what happened.

This was a season-changing loss. The Dodgers, with Clayton Kershaw on the mound, lost to the Giants 7-5. The game turned into a pissing contest when Tim Lincecum, punk, inexplicably hit Matt Kemp intentionally. Kershaw came back in the seventh and hit Aaron Rowand. At the time, I was satisfied to see a Dodger pitcher sack up. However, that probably wasn't the right time to do it.

Hong-Chih Kuo came in and cleaned up the mess for two innings. I would have really rather the Dodgers retaliate against a Pablo Sandoval or Buster Posey today instead of a .238 hitter last night in a 1-run game, but what's done is done.

Then the ninth inning happened, which was like a kick in the nuts from someone wearing steel-toed boots.

Bottom line is, the Dodgers don't seem to have much fight in them. Despite a hot month of May (20-8), the Dodgers are just 29-37 in their other games.

I'm not officially giving up on the season, but things don't look great. We're 10 days away from the non-waiver trade deadline and the Dodgers aren't likely to add anything significant to the roster. Hell, if they keep up their current play, they could be sellers by this time next week.

For the Dodgers to renew the faith of their fans, they need to play with some fire. The team has been lackluster this season. Something needs to spark these guys. If two horrible losses against the Yankees and Cardinals didn't do it and this loss to the hated Giants doesn't do it, then nothing will.

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