Sunday, August 22, 2010

Vin Scully to return, Dodgers pick up Barajas

I try to avoid calling people I don't know personally by their first name. I try my best not to call Manny Ramirez, "Manny."

When it comes to Vin Scully, that rule goes out the window -- and he probably wouldn't have it any other way.

Vin announced he's going to return to the Dodger broadcast booth for the 2011 season. He is finishing up his unprecedented 61st year in the broadcast booth.

This is quite possibly the best news of the entire season. The day Vin retires will be a sad day for Dodger baseball -- not only because Vin is a legend and the best broadcaster of all time, but his replacement options are not promising.

Mr. Scully, thank you for your continued service and keep up the great work. You are a joy and pleasure to listen to.


The Dodgers claimed Mets' catcher Rod Barajas off waivers, as the combination of Brad Ausmus and A.J. Ellis isn't exactly getting the job done since Russell Martin's season ended earlier this month.

Barajas is hitting .225/.263/.414 this season, which is quite the upgrade to the Ausmus-Ellis duo. Barajas started the season off by hitting 11 home runs in the first two months of the season (.269/.292/.551 overall) before hitting .168 for the last two months. He has all of three at-bats this month.

The Dodgers are not giving up anything but money in this deal, which isn't much, as Barajas' 2010 salary is $500,000.

The Dodgers are just stubborn. I know Ellis isn't the catcher of the future, but there wasn't much reason to pick up Barajas. This coming from the team that probably can't wait to move Manny Ramirez.

The Dodgers have long since been out of it, even if they aren't mathematically eliminated yet.

The move gives the Dodgers another option behind the plate. Barajas will get the majority of the starts for the remained of the season.


The Tampa Bay Rays might take a chance on Manny Ramirez when he hits the waiver wire, says St. Petersburg Times Rays' beat writer Marc Topkin.

The Rays currently have the second-best record in the Majors. To get him, a team like the Chicago White Sox would have to pass on claiming him. Then the Rays could either claim him and work out a deal (or the Dodgers could let Ramirez and his reamining $4 million go to Tampa) for Ramirez. This is assuming Ramirez clears all the National League teams first, which will assuredly happen.

It's hard to tell what teams are going to do. The White Sox could claim him to help their chances, which would keep the Rays from grabbing him.

The waiver trade deadline is Aug. 31.

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