Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dodgers pickup half of Podsednik's option

The Los Angeles Times' Dylan Hernandez tweeted that the Los Angeles Dodgers have exercised their half of Scott Podsednik's 2011 option. Since it is a mutual option, Podsednik can either exercise his half and return to the Dodgers for $2 million or decline and test free agency, where he could get a more lucrative deal (and potential two years) on the open market.

He has 48 hours to make a decision.

If Podsednik comes back at $2 million, that's actually a really good deal... if he's coming back as a fourth outfielder. If the Dodgers expect him to play 150 games in left field and bat leadoff or second, then it's a mistake.

If he declines, he'd be a free agent. As a Type-B free agent, the Dodgers would be foolish not to offer him arbitration. Potentially netting a supplemental first-round pick for Podsednik looks awfully good right now.

Here's what I said about Podsednik in part one of my off-season preview:
"Podsednik: When he came over from the Royals at the deadline, I thought it was a decent pickup. The fact that he is a Type B free agent made the deal a lot more acceptable. He didn't play much of the last month as he was injured. In spite of that, I would not be opposed to him coming back as a fourth outfielder. My fear is the Dodgers will give him 600 PAs as the regular left fielder, which would be a mistake. If he voids his option or the Dodgers buy him out, they can always offer him arbitration. A team are less likely to hesitate to sign him because he is a Type B free agent. If he comes back, he's a solid fourth outfielder -- if the Dodgers use him in that manner. Arbitration: Yes, without a doubt"
It's potentially win-win for the Dodgers, provided he comes back as a fourth outfielder. We'll see what happens.

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  1. Agreed. I don't mind him back in a utility role, but not as an everyday player.