Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dodgers re-sign Gibbons, Podsednik opts for free agency

The Dodgers have re-signed OF/1B Jay Gibbons to a 1-year deal, per Dylan Hernandez of the Los Angeles Times.

Terms of the deal were announced at $400,000 plus incentives. Update: Hernandez tweeted with new contract details -- $650,000 base, $150,000 incentives based on plate appearances.

This is a great re-signing for the Dodgers. Gibbons, after not playing in the majors in 2008 and 2009, Gibbons came up in August (far too late, by the way) to put up a respectable .280/.313/.507 line as a part-time player. And that's all he's being brought back to do. He'll spell whoever plays left field and James Loney (if he sticks around) at 1B. He's a solid lefty off the bench.

The re-signing doesn't bode particularly well for Xavier Paul's chances of sticking in L.A., as he's out of options and is also a lefty. We'll see if anything happens on that front.


Updating a previous item, Scott Podsednik has declined his half of his mutual option, again per Hernandez. It was expected. Now, the Dodgers must offer him arbitration. He only made $1.65 million this year, so he won't earn much more in an arbitration case -- if he accepts it. He is a Type-B free agent, so the Dodgers would get a supplemental first-round pick if he declines arbitration and signs elsewhere. Most sane Dodger fans are hoping for this option.

Worst case scenario: Podsednik is back as a serviceable fourth outfielder (we hope) at a cheap rate (again, we hope).


  1. I don't mind the Gibbons re-signing. Just not as an everyday player. Let's see what else Ned does.

  2. Same here. Especially for no more than $800,000. Here's hoping the Dodgers can land power-hitter... 3B or LF/RF.