Thursday, January 6, 2011

Top Dodger prospect lists from experts

In the last week, three of the foremost authorities on prospects (in my eyes) have released their top prospect lists.
I'm going to compare each Top 20 in preparation of my Top 30 list, which will release Monday. Baseball America releases its Top 10 on Jan. 21 prior to the annual publication of the Prospect Handbook.

Rank Sickels Massey Goldstein
1 Gordon Sands Lee
2 Sands Robinson Jansen
3 Robinson De La Rosa Gordon
4 Jansen Lee Robinson
5 De La Rosa Gordon Sands
6 Lee Webster De La Rosa
7 Withrow Miller Webster
8 Miller Jansen Miller
9 Webster Withrow Landry
10 Martin Martin Martin
11 Elbert Landry Pederson
12 Landry Lemmerman Withrow
13 Russell Russell Cash
14 Gould Pederson Gould
15 Cavazos-Galvez Garcia Elbert
16 Baldwin Songco Lemmerman
17 Lemmerman Cavazos-Galvez Smith
18 Solano Smith Cavazos-Galvez
19 Magill Silverio Russell
20 Garcia DeJesus Silverio

There aren't many surprises on these lists. Here are some stats from the three:
As you can see, there are differing opinions on the Dodgers' top prospect, but there are a lot of similar names on each list -- and each list has a surprise name on it (Solano, Songco, Cash).

I like seeing Landry ranked so high on these lists. I'm really high on him and he could end up being quite the steal. I was also kind of surprised to see Lemmerman ranked so high. He had a great debut, but he's a little old for rookie ball. He'll have to prove himself against advanced competition.

It was interesting to see each of these three had different No. 1s. The consensus seems to be Gordon and Sands, but Goldstein snuck Lee in there at the top spot.

The most puzzling is the ranking of Martin, who had a disastrous season. He still lands in the top 10 on each list (in fact, at No. 10 on each) and even above Withrow on Goldstein's list, which doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

The bottom line is, 2011 will determine whether or not the Dodger farm system returns to the elite level of the early 2000s, middles or remains in the bottom third of baseball. I have a feeling it won't be the latter.

It's fun to see the thoughts of others when it comes to ranking prospects.

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