Monday, June 6, 2011

Dodgers select Standford lefty Chris Reed at No. 16

With the 16th overall pick in the 2011 MLB Draft, the Dodgers selected LHP Chris Reed out of Stanford.

This was about the worst-case scenario. Reed, while having a chance to start, is projected by some to be a reliever. I just don't understand the logic behind this pick (other than financial issues).

He has a fastball (92-95 MPH), slider and changeup. The Dodgers have to try him as a starter right now, as he was the No. 16 overall pick. I wouldn't hold my breath on him working out in that role.

Jonathan Mayo of said he was overdrafted. He also said signability and the ability to get a deal done quickly was key in this pick.

I am admittedly biased against college pitchers with limited ceilings, but I don't much care for this pick. And it's probably not entirely fair to analyze this pick as much until Reed has a chance to show his stuff, but color me unimpressed.


The Angels, one pick after the Dodgers, took C.J. Cron -- the guy I wanted after Javier Baez. Sadface.

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  1. I wrote in my post as well that I wanted the Dodgers to take Cron, make that 2 sad faces!