Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dodgers inexplicably trade away Trayvon Robinson

Just when you thought Ned Colletti couldn't screw things up anymore, he proves us wrong.

The Dodgers hooked up with the Red Sox and Mariners on a three-team deadline deal involving Trayvon Robinson.

Early reports have it shaking out like this:

To Boston: LHP Erik Bedard, RHP Josh Fields
To Seattle: OF Chih-Hsien Chiang, Robinson
To Los Angeles: C Tim Federowicz, RHP Juan Rodriguez, RHP Stephen Fife

It's hard to put into words how upset this makes me. Robinson is having one of the best seasons of any Dodger minor-leaguer (a career-year for himself) and is *this* close to the Majors, yet Colletti felt the need to trade him for a mediocre catcher (.275/.337/.397, seven home runs), a 22-year-old Single-A pitcher with a 5.19 ERA (13.4 K/9) and a 24-year-old starter with a decent line in Double-A.

The Dodgers didn't even get the right Double-A catcher! If they felt the need to move Robinson to improve the catching situation, then why the hell not go after Ryan Lavarnway?

Federowicz was ranked No. 21 in the Boston system coming into the season, while Rodriguez and Fife were unranked. Robinson was ranked No. 10 in the Dodgers' system.

In my last post, I wrote how I hoped the Furcal deal was the last in Colletti's tenure as Dodger GM. This is precisely why.


  1. This makes me sooooooo angry! Colleti is a MORON! I can't believe he traded Robinson for some no-name catching prospect. This is HORRIBLE! Way to deplete the minor league system even more. Wow! I'm at a loss of words.

  2. Hmm. All that being the case, he is a 23 year-old prospect who is in his 7th minor league season. It's hard to say if the continued high strikeout ratio will ever get him above AAA.

  3. I have to agree with Jeff. Trayvon might already be at his ceiling.

  4. Jeff: Valid point. However, Robinson's prospect status was in question through the 2008 season. Through his first four seasons, he had a .266/.326/.366 line. It's possible he was just a late bloomer.

    The strikeouts are concerning and the lack of doubles and steals this season could be attributed to him swinging for the fences (also not good). But he still has a chance to be a solid everyday outfielder in the bigs. He still has a solid 12.2 percent walk rate and is just 23 years old.

    Jack: If he's at his ceiling, that's fine. And I honestly don't mind the Dodgers trading him, but the return was not enough.

  5. Great move, way to stack our need for back up catchers and low level pitching. We have plenty of back up catchers and plenty of pitching depth. I had tolerated Ned up till this F'ing move. Trayvon is 23 years old, does anyone remember what Kemp was doing at 23... the same exact thing as TROB. Even if TROB ends up being just a notch or two below Kemp, that is still a stud.

  6. Somebody better call the cops. The Mariners just committed robery and both the Red Sox and Dodgers were victims all in one move.

  7. Ned"Mr.Giants"Coletti, has helped his compadadres in San Francisco ever since he came to the dodgers.Penny pinching frank couldn't afford to hire a real G.M.,so he could spend all that money on himself. McCheap has had a couple of real sad sacks as g.m.'s, when he could have hired someone with expirience,that should have been the first clue of how this Swell head was going to foul things up, for the Dodgers!

  8. Trayvon would be a solid outfielder when he makes the majors, but he has more power than most prospects in the system, and isn't that considered a premium for a team without much of it? And besides, even if Sands and Oeltjen make it too, Sands could go to 1B and Oeltjen wouldn't beat him to start every day. And AAA outfield prospects aren't worth a AA/AAA catcher and A/AA pitchers, and are clearly better than older AA outfield prospects.

    As for what Colletti said, WE HAVE 8 CATCHERS BETWEEN AAA AND THE CLUB! What stupid problem is he even talking about with needing catchers? And our top prospects are mostly pitchers, so why not be bold and get someone who at least plays 1B, 2B, 3B, or OF?

    This trade should get him fired ASAP.