Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hiroki Kuroda intends to stay with Dodgers

Hiroki Kuroda announced today (reported by Dylan Hernandez) he isn't likely to waive his no-trade clause before tomorrow's 1 p.m. deadline.

I like the fact Kuroda is loyal and wants to stay with the Dodgers. There isn't enough of that these days in sports. However, with the likelihood of him re-signing with the Dodgers in the off-season, he missed an opportunity to potentially improve them team for 2012.

Kuroda is a Type-B free agent and if he was to be traded, the acquiring team would be eligible for a supplemental first-round pick by offering him arbitration after the season. That only increased his trade value. Not only that, the Dodgers could have acquired a significant piece for the future.

It's hard to be mad at Kuroda for not wanting to waive his no-trade clause. So I'm not. I'm mad at Ned Colletti for giving him that no-trade clause (he also gave one to Ted Lilly). But that's far from the worst thing he's ever done.

Kuroda was the Dodgers' best chance to salvage anything at this trade deadline. With Rafael Furcal headed to St. Louis by tomorrow, the Dodgers don't appear to be shopping anyone else, which is a mistake.

Jamey Carroll, who isn't a Type-B free agent, could bring back anything in trade and it'd be a good thing. Yet, the Dodgers are unwilling to trade him after agreeing to trade Furcal.

Andre Ethier should have been made available, especially after seeing what Carlos Beltran and Hunter Pence brought in return. But Colletti never gave any indication he was available.

It's too bad Hong-Chih Kuo and Jonathan Broxton have been bad and hurt all season. Those two could have brought some decent pieces in return. Then again, if they were healthy, the Dodgers would be in better shape (record-wise), so who knows about that?

I had visions of the Yankees caving and dealing Jesus Montero straight-up for Kuroda just so the Red Sox wouldn't get him. Then I had visions of the Red Sox dealing Will Middlebrooks and Ryan Lavarnway so the Yankees wouldn't have a bonafide No. 2 starter behind CC Sabathia. While those scenarios were highly unlikely, at least the chance existed. Now, there's no chance.

We'll see if the Dodgers do anything else in the next 21 hours. I'm betting they won't.

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