Saturday, July 30, 2011

Report: Furcal going to Cardinals

Twitter is ablaze with the news of Rafael Furcal going to the Cardinals. There's no word on who the Dodgers will get in return, but they'll have to send money in the deal to account for some of the $3.9 million left on his contract for this season.

Best of all, this means Dee Gordon will subsequently be recalled and start at shortstop for the rest of the season.

A couple of guys who would be good returns are 3B Matt Carpenter and C Bryan Anderson (local product). The Dodgers have massive holes at those positions and both are not top prospects by any means.

This also likely means Jamey Carroll is likely to stay (for some reason). If he does stay, the Dodgers need to play him enough to have the possibility of him reaching Type-B free agent status. As it is right now, he's on the cusp of it, but will need more playing time in order to reach it.

This post will be updated when the trade is official and we know who's coming to Los Angeles.


  1. get rid of RAFFEY.....too many injuries...will help the and now and maybe a few more years..

  2. get rid of all of the has beens....kuroda and carol and all the rest..we need some young talent in minors...more importantly is get rid of the pathetic ownership goons and low life...