Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dodger blogger profile: Chad Moriyama (Chad Moriyama, True Blue L.A.)

In the fifth part of my mini-profiles on fellow Dodger bloggers, I catch up with Chad Moriyama. He used to run the now defunct Memories of Kevin Malone. Now, he writes for True Blue L.A. on occasion and started a new blog, aptly named

Chad lives in Hawaii -- the same place I was born -- and he kind of stumbled into not only his Dodger fandom, but also blogging.

The piece I remember him for most is his breakdown of Matt Kemp's swing from 2010 (which he mentions below). It's a fascinating read and it appears Kemp doesn't struggle with a lot of the things Chad mention's anymore.

1. How did you become a Dodgers' fan?
- As I explain on my site, I didn't really have a choice in the matter. I'm not sure exactly when I seriously started following the every move of the Dodgers, but for as long as I can remember, my dad has had me brainwashed. He is a big Dodgers fan and he passed that down to me.

2. What got you into blogging?
- I got into blogging as a joke, actually. I was tired of complaining to friends and family about how stupid the Dodgers were and how terrible mainstream analysis was, so I started writing as a place to vent. Apparently people liked my writing, and so I continued on with it.

3. What are some of goals for your blog?
- I don't think I've ever had goals as a blogger. I guess the end goal would be writing for mainstream sites, but whether that happens or not is just gravy at this point. I'm just appreciative and surprised that as many people care about what I say as they do now.

4. What is the best experience you've had since blogging?
- Best experience is probably getting featured on ESPN MLB's main page, as well as having my analysis of Chad Billingsley and Matt Kemp spread all over the 'net.

5. What is your most memorable in-person Dodgers' experience?
- Memorable? Honestly, the first thing that pops into my head is being amped to see Kevin Brown start, only to have him lay this egg against the Pirates. Oh and getting a direct line of sight to Carlos Perez beating up the water cooler with the bat.

6. How many Dodger games have you attended?
- Geez...7? All at Dodger Stadium.

7. Who is your all-time favorite Dodger player and pitcher?
- Player is between Mike Piazza and Matt Kemp. Pitcher is between Orel Hershiser and Clayton Kershaw.

8. What season of Dodgers' baseball do you remember most? Why?
- 2008 because it was the first time I had ever seen the Dodgers win a series in the playoffs.

9. Who is the Dodger you liked that no one else seemed to like?
- I remember really liking Antonio Osuna for some reason, but I can't remember how popular he was. I assume people liked him because he was good, but I was unusually intrigued by him. I think it was the baller gold chain and swagger.

10. What do you think the Dodgers need to do to win another World Series in your lifetime (save axing McCourt and Colletti)?
- Would like to see them re-invest in the Dominican Republic and the international scene, in general.


  1. From what I can see, he has waht, 7-10 readers?

  2. Moriyama is AWESOME on Twitter. Always cracking me up. I can't get Matty Cakes out of my mind because of him. His opinions REALLY Should be the opinion of all people. The only thing he is off on is Rick Perry. Perry is beloved by all of the uncultured people in this country, of which there are MANY. Perry will be the nominee and be formidable in the election, the favorite to be elected UGH!

  3. He has a lot more than that. And I am one of them, reader for years. Love Chad's stuff.

  4. His writing is not for all baseball fans. Only a Dodger fan can appreciate his rants. LAtely, most sound pathetic at best for those woeful Dodgers. It's all good however. ENJOY YOUR OCTOBER!

  5. This is for only for a Wide Open Eye Dodger Fan