Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Baseball America's Top 10 Dodgers' prospects leaked

Well, Friday was to be the day Baseball America released its Top 10 Dodgers' prospects. But the Dodgers' official Twitter account beat 'em to it.
"@Dodgers: '@BaseballAmerica Top #Dodgers prospects: 1-Lee 2-Webster 3-Eovaldi 4-Silverio 5-Reed 6-Gould 7-Withrow 8-Lindblom 9-Pederson 10-Federowicz"
Here's the cleaned-up version of the list:

1. Zach Lee
2. Allen Webster
3. Nathan Eovaldi
4. Alfredo Silverio
5. Chris Reed
6. Garrett Gould
7. Chris Withrow
8. Josh Lindblom
9. Joc Pederson
10. Tim FederowiczLink

And here's a side-by-side comparison to my rankings from nine days ago:

Rank Baseball America FKB (mine)
1 Lee Lee
2 Webster Eovaldi
3 Eovaldi Webster
4 Silverio Gould
5 Reed Sanchez
6 Gould Pederson
7 Withrow Songco
8 Lindblom Tolleson
9 Pederson Smith
10 Federowicz Lemmerman

As you can see, Baseball America and myself differ on a lot of the Top 10. In fact, the only one we had the same is Lee (with Eovaldi and Webster flip-flopped).


We all know Baseball America's love for former high draft picks, which is why Reed, Withrow and Lindblom are ranked as high as they are. I'm not a believer in Reed as a starter (though I hope he proves me wrong), Withrow seems destined for the bullpen unless he can start throwing strikes consistently and Lindblom is a nice bullpen arm, but doesn't belong in the Top 10.

I'm higher on guys like Angel Sanchez, Angelo Songco, Blake Smith and Jake Lemmerman than BA, which is totally unsurprising to me.

And I don't think we could differ more on Federowicz. I just don't see him being able to hit enough to justify a Top 10 ranking in the system.

The most surprising inclusion is Silverio at No. 4. He had a great season for the Lookouts, but did he do enough to jump into the system's Top 5? I don't think so. I had him just outside the Top 10 (No. 11) and want to see if his 2011 was a sign of things to come or a fluke.

Looking forward to the Top 30 in the 2012 Prospect Handbook.

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