Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dodgers meet with Aaron Harang's agent

Ken Gurnick of reported today the Dodgers' General Manager Ned Colletti met with Aaron Harang's agent. However, Hiroki Kuroda is still the Dodgers' priority.

Harang made $4 million last season with the Padres and received a $500,000 buyout when the team didn't exercise the mutual option.

So, he made $4.5 million. Kuroda made $12 million last season with the Dodgers and had a better season than Harang, but was it $7.5 million better?

Maybe not. But if Harang is replacing Kuroda instead of joining him, that might not be a great thing. Money seems to be the issue.

From Gurnick's article:
"'It's half and half. It's not only him, it's us,' Colletti said, making a vague reference to his ability to fit Kuroda's $12 million salary into a reduced budget."
Now, it hasn't been disclosed how much Kuroda is looking for on the market. He invoked his no-trade protection before the July 31 deadline. His desire to stay in Los Angeles is apparent. There are two questions here:
  1. How much money does he want?
  2. Does he want to return to Japan more than stay in L.A.?
If the Dodgers can get him for around $8 million -- the number that was first reported last winter -- that'd be a steal. Kuroda would be selling himself short, but $8 million isn't exactly chump change.

If he wants to return to Japan, it's hard to blame him. He's accomplished a lot in his brief Major League career.

Now, if the Dodgers could somehow nab both pitchers for $12 million total, that'd be a great get. It'd also allow Nathan Eovaldi to either pitch out of the bullpen or work on his off-speed offerings in the minor leagues.

We'll see what happens. I'm hoping Harang joins Kuroda. But if he is replacing him in the rotation, the rotation gets weaker. Then again, there are worse pitchers who could replace him (Chris Capuano and Jeff Francis -- both of whom have been linked with the Dodgers as recently as two days ago).

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  1. I remember when there was talk the Dodgers would trade Matty for Harang.