Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Matt Kemp finishes second behind Ryan Braun in NL MVP voting

Ryan Braun doubled up Matt Kemp in today's National League MVP voting. The Brewers' outfielder snagged 20 of 32 first-place votes. Kemp received 10 first-place votes.

Braun had a tremendous season, leading the NL in OPS (.997) and slugging percentage (.597). He also joined the 30-30 club for the first time in his young career (33 HRs, 33 SBs).

The award could have gone to either outfielder, but Braun presumably had the edge because the Brewers were a playoff team and made it to the National League Championship Series. The Dodgers finished in third place and clearly out of playoff contention.

Kemp led the NL in home runs (39), RBI (126), OPS+ (171), total bases (353) and fWAR (8.7). He also led the Majors in bWAR (10.0) and was the first player to reach double-digits in that category since Barry Bonds in 2004.

Kemp got 10 first-place votes, 16 second-place votes and 6 third-place votes. Braun got 20 first-place votes and 12 second-place votes. That was the difference.

Congratulations to Braun. He had a great season.

The silver lining: It's nice knowing Kemp is locked-up for the next eight years. That's the best news of the off-season.

And Kemp will get an MVP before his career is done. Here's hoping the Dodgers get him some protection.


Clayton Kershaw finished in 12th place, grabbing 11 total votes.
  • Fifth place: 1
  • Sixth place: 1
  • Eighth place: 2
  • Ninth place: 5
  • 10th place: 2
That was good enough for 29 total points.

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