Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Report: McCourt agrees to sell Dodgers, plus more news

Bill Shakin of the L.A. Times tweeted just minutes ago Frank McCourt agreeed to sell the Dodgers.
"McCourt agrees to sell . Team to be auctioned in bankruptcy court. More soon at ."

So, that's a bit of good news. This, coupled with the report Mark Cuban was interested in purchasing the Dodgers is a good sign. However, I wouldn't get too excited about Cuban just yet. There's still that whole Bud Selig hurdle.

The best thing right now is to hope for a quick sale. The sale will probably impact the Dodgers' ability to land free agents, but the sooner McCourt is gone, the better.

Thank you, Buddha.


The Dodgers are on the verge of re-signing OF/1B Juan Rivera to a 1-year deal with an option for 2013.

I just checked my notes for my "2012 plan" post and saw I had Rivera coming back for on a $4 million, 1-year deal. After seeing the reaction on Twitter, I'm not sure that was the "smart" prediction, but it was right.

I don't mind him coming back. He was decent for the Dodgers and should be a nice platoon partner for Andre Ethier and/or James Loney -- if one or both return.


Congratulations to Ethier, Clayton Kershaw and Matt Kemp for winning 2011 National League Gold Glove awards.

Kershaw was definitely deserving. Kemp, I can see winning. And despite positive advanced defensive metrics, there's no way Ethier should have won. But, here we are.

What sucks is Loney not winning (Joey Votto). I've long since praised Loney's defense. Perhaps next year.

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