Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Slow Day 2 at Winter Meetings for Dodgers

Compared with Day 1, the Dodgers' second day at the Winter Meetings was slow.

News (a term I use loosely here) just broke the Dodgers are close to signing catcher Josh Bard. Jon Heyman first reported it as a 1-year, $750,000 deal.

Bard is a catcher and the Dodgers had seemingly filled the need by signing Matt Treanor last month.

But here comes Dylan Hernandez to save us all from throwing objects at the wall:
"#Dodgers nearing minor-league deal with Josh Bard."
It's just a minor-league deal, which is just fine in this case. I assume the $750,000 would be if Bard makes the club out of Spring Training.

Bard hit .210/.256/.333 with 2 home runs in 26 games for the Mariners in 2011. He's probably a better option as the backup catcher, but Treanor has that locked up.

This still means A.J. Ellis is the teams' starter -- and rightfully so.

General Manager Ned Colletti also said today he's working on trying to improve the offense via the trade market.
"...(Colletti) is pursuing a trade that would potentially improve the team's offense, specifically against left-handed pitching, adding that after talking to four or five clubs he has zeroed in on a particular player who would fit the club's needs."
It seems the Dodgers already have that guy in Juan Rivera. It also seems like they have a youngster capable of filling that role -- Jerry Sands.

We'll see what happens. It seems like it'd be a minor move, but a move that will be scrutinized (rightfully so) by Dodger bloggers everywhere.

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