Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dodgers avoid arbitration with Andre Ethier and James Loney

The Dodgers avoided arbitration today with Andre Ethier and James Loney, signing them both to 1-year deals.

Ethier will earn, surprisingly, $10.95 million as a base salary. Tony Jackson has the contract details:
"Ethier's deal is one year, $10.95 mill plus $25,000 for each of 600 and 625 plate appearances. He has reached 600 PAs just once, in 2009"
It's surprising because he made $9.25 million last year and he was almost a lock to make at least $11- or $12 million in base salary. Instead, he got an 18 percent raise (thanks to Jon Weisman for pointing that out).

Even without Kim Ng looming, the Dodgers were able to get Ethier for less than a lot of people thought.

The base contract is $45,000 less than the Dodgers' second-highest paid player for 2012: Ted Lilly.

Mike Petriello pointed out Lilly will make $12 million this year, as he's due a $1.5 million signing bonus in April. So by April, barring something totally unexpected, Lilly will be the team's highest paid player. That's awfully depressing.

Jackson also has the details of Loney's contract:
"Loney deal is $6.375 mill plus $25k for 585 PAs, $50k for each of 625/650 PAs. Would max out at $6.5 mill"
As Weisman points out, Loney got a 31 percent raise. I was expecting somewhere in the range of a $6- to $7 million contract for Loney, so this isn't too bad. And the only reason he's still a Dodger is because of his late-season surge.

However, with that money and the $18.75 million the Dodgers spent on spare parts this off-season, they could have easily landed Hiroki Kuroda, Prince Fielder and a couple of the other guys General Manager Ned Colletti just had to have.

Sorry, had to get that dig in there.

Clayton Kershaw is expected to go to arbitration, as the two sides couldn't agree to a contract before the deadline.

The kid is gonna get paid. It'd be nice to lock him up long-term, but I suspect that will happen next winter.

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