Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Audio recording of the 911 call from James Loney's November incident

TMZ acquired the 911 recording and released it today from the day James Loney allegedly collided with several cars on Nov. 14.

The recording, 4:43 long, has the woman caller describing what happened. It's also a little chilling in the middle when Loney allegedly wakes up and tries to drive away.

Word broke on Wednesday that Loney wouldn't be charged for the actions of that day.
"Loney declined to comment through his agency, CAA Sports. His attorney, Dmitry Gorin, said his erratic behavior that day was the result of a head injury.

"'Independent lab analysis re-confirmed that Mr. Loney did not have any unlawful substances or alcohol in his blood,' Gorin wrote in a statement. 'The traffic accident reports described that Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics quickly responded to the scene and determined that Mr. Loney displayed symptoms consistent with head trauma, including disorientation.'"

The Los Angeles City Attorney's Office said there was "insufficient evidence" to proceed, according to the Times' article.

So, that's that, I suppose. Still, it's a blemish on Loney's resume, but thankfully no one was seriously injured in the incident. Here's hoping he's learned from this incident.

Photo credit: LWY on Flickr

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