Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lee, Webster, Eovaldi all make Baseball America's Top 100 prospects

Dodger farmhands Zach Lee, Allen Webster and Nathan Eovaldi all made Baseball America's Top 100 prospect list, released today.

Lee checked in at No. 62, Webster at No. 95 and Eovaldi at No. 96.

Both Lee and Webster made BA's midseason Top 50 list, checking in at No. 39 and 47, respectively.

This seems to be about in line with most thinking, even though Lee ranked higher in MLB.com's Top 100 list (45). In fact, all three ranked higher on that list.

It's hard to argue with the rankings. Lee's fall had more to do with new players being added (i.e. 2011 draft class) while Webster's fall had to do with a poor showing the last month of the season in Chattanooga.


Bill Shaikin of the L.A. Times reported Peter O'Malley has withdrawn his bid to purchase the Dodgers.

O'Malley was backed by a South Korean conglomerate, did not comment to the L.A. Times.

O'Malley was definitely at the top or near the top of most people's wishlist when it came to the new owner of the Dodgers, but he obviously will not be the next owner of the team.


File this under news to no one: Clayton Kershaw will be the Dodgers' Opening Day starter.

Matt Kemp will begin the season as the team's No. 3 hitter -- which is just fine with me.

Blake Hawksworth will begin the season on the disabled list. This makes the Todd Coffey signing make a lot more sense, but I still don't have to like it all that much.

Dodger Spring Training opened today, so expect the news to pick up significantly from now until the end of March.

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