Sunday, March 25, 2012

Recap: Dodger blogger and fan fantasy baseball draft

I participated in a fantasy draft with some Dodger fans and bloggers this morning. Needless to say, it was an interesting draft.

Among those in attendance were Evan Chavez of New Mexico Fan (commish), Ernest Reyes from Blue Heaven, Manuel G. from L.A. Blue Crew and Scott Andes from Lasorda's Lair.

It's a 10-team league with 6x6 scoring. The additions to the standard 5x5 format are OPS for hitters and Holds for pitchers.

I had the seventh pick. I had my eye on a few guys pre-draft. On offense, I was expecting to get someone like Prince Fielder, Joey Votto, Ryan Braun or Robinson Cano. I could even have gone for a pitcher like Justin Verlander, Clayton Kershaw or Roy Halladay in the first round.

Little did I know I'd have more hitters to choose from than expected.

The first pick, unsurprisingly, was Matt Kemp. Then, things got a little unorthodox.

The second pick was Verlander. While he's the reigning American League Cy Young and MVP award winner, this one was unexpected. But that wasn't the last surprise of Round 1. Kershaw went No. 3 and Halladay went No. 4, leaving guys like Albert Pujols, Miguel Cabrera and Troy Tulowitzki available for some lucky fantasy managers.

Pujols went No. 5 overall. At this point, I'm thinking Votto is my guy. To my surprise, Votto went No. 6, leaving me the No. 1-ranked player (according to Yahoo Sports rankings): Cabrera.

It took me all of two seconds to make the selection. His future eligibility at third base made him the easy choice for me.

My next pick came around and I was surprised Braun was still available. Just as quickly as I grabbed Cabrera, I grabbed Braun with my next pick.

The rest of the draft was pretty much status quo. I thought about starting the run on closers in Round 8 by choosing Craig Kimbrel, but I decided to strengthen my starting pitching with Jon Lester.

Here's a breakdown of my team:

1(7) Miguel Cabrera
2(14) Ryan Braun
3(27) Ian Kinsler
4(34) Jose Reyes
5(47) Matt Holliday
6(54) David Price
7(67) Matt Cain
8(74) Jon Lester
9(87) Jonathan Papelbon
1(94) Drew Storen
11(107) Kevin Youkilis
12(114) Joe Mauer
13(127) Brandon Beachy
14(134) Tommy Hanson
15(147) Dustin Ackley
16(154) Jason Motte
17(167) Peter Bourjos
18(174) Ervin Santana
19(187) Carlos Marmol
20(194) Erick Aybar
21(207) Mike Adams
22(214) Francisco Rodriguez
23(227) Jon Jay

I'm liking my chances in this league.

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