Sunday, March 4, 2012

Silverio and Songco on the shelf for awhile

Word broke on Saturday that Dodger prospects Alfredo Silverio and Angelo Songco would both miss time to start the season.

Eric Stephen of True Blue L.A. (who's just killing it at Spring Training right now) was one of the first to report on Silverio's accident.

Silverio was in a rather serious car accident in January, suffering injuries to his back, elbow, neck and shoulder, but the more pressing matter is Silverio's concussion-like symptoms, which have yet to subside.

Tony Jackson of ESPN LA wrote Silverio is heading to Phoenix-area place that specializes in concussions. He will not be on the field for Spring Training.

Silverio was added to the 40-man roster earlier in the winter and was expected to be in Dodgers' camp with a miniscule chance of breaking with the team (0.00001 percent, but still a chance). However, this is going to set him back because there's no clear timetable for his return.

I singled out Silverio on Tuesday as one of my prospects who had most to lose in this upcoming season. He now has to deal with an uncertain future health-wise because concussions are not easy to diagnose correctly.

But the most important part is he survived. From Jackson's blog post:
"...the accident happened on a stretch of road called Curva de la Muerte, which translates to Curve of Death. Apparently, he was going about 60 mph and lost control, the car going off the road and flipping several times. He temporarily lost consciousness, and the car was demolished."
Songco's situation is a little more straightforward. He had a metal rod inserted in his lower right leg and will be out two to three months.

Jackson reported Songco suffered a small fracture in the leg late last season, but continued to play through it. He felt significant pain a few weeks ago and was promptly diagnosed with a full fracture.

Songco's abilities were to be tested in the Southern League after posting MVP-like numbers in the California League.

He should be back by early June at the latest (barring setbacks). His raw power potential is intriguing and hopefully it isn't compromised with this injury.

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