Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A thank you to Bill Shaikin, Molly Knight and Josh Fisher

With the Los Angeles Dodgers' ownership saga essentially over, it's time to thank three people who were key in covering this entire mess since October 2009.

Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times, Molly Knight of ESPN the Magazine and Josh Fisher of Dodger Divorce all did an amazing job of covering this story and adapting to the changing environment of it.

Some might say they were just doing their job -- and they were -- but they absolutely crushed it. As an aspiring journalist, I am envious of the work they did on this situation and hope to be able to cover something of this magnitude in my soon-to-be-career.

A lot of people covered the Dodgers' ownership situation, but these three, in particular, knocked it out of the park.

From writing an in-depth piece on the McCourts that shed light on things behind the scene, including the hiring of Ned Colletti (Knight), devoting a website to the divorce and digging through countless pages of court documents (Fisher) to telling us McCourt would not be controlling the parking lots (Shaikin, which isn't giving him his due for all the coverage) -- these three were on top of everything and shows why journalism is still such an important skill.

So, to the three of you, thank you from every Dodger fan out there (I feel I can speak for them all). Keep up the great work. And here's hoping the Dodgers and their fans don't ever have to go through this mess again.

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