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History of the No. 18 pick in the MLB Draft, plus Jorge Soler is a free agent

With the Rule 4 Draft set for Monday, it's time to look at the history of the No. 18 pick throughout the years.
Ike Davis, No. 18 pick in 2008

The Dodgers finished 82-80 last season, earning the No. 18 selection. It's a large step up from their lowest point, when they were slotted to select as high as No. 7 (when things were really crappy in Dodgerland).

Here are the players who have been chosen at No. 18 in the MLB Draft in the last 20 years.

2011: Sonny Gray, RHP (Athletics)
2010: Kaleb Cowart, 3B (Angels)*
2009: Chad James, LHP (Marlins)*
2008: Ike Davis, 1B (Mets)
2007: Pete Kozma, INF (Cardinals)*
2006: Kyle Drabek, RHP (Phillies)*
2005: Cesar Carrillo, RHP (Padres)
2004: Josh Fields, 3B (White Sox... current Isotope)
2003: Brad Snyder, OF (Indians)
2002: Royce Ring, LHP (White Sox)
2001: Aaron Heilman, RHP (Mets)
2000: Miguel Negron, OF (Blue Jays)*
1999: Richard Stahl, LHP (Orioles)*
1998: Seth Etherton, RHP (Angels)
1997: Mark Mangum, RHP (Rockies)*
1996: R.A. Dickey, RHP (Rangers)
1995: Ryan Jaroncyk, SS (Mets)*
1994: Cade Gaspar, RHP (Tigers)
1993: Chris Schwab, OF (Expos)*
1992: Chris Roberts, LHP (Mets)

And one more
1991: Al Shirley, OF (Mets)*
- This was originally the Dodgers' selection, but they had to send the pick to the Mets as the Dodgers signed Darryl Strawberry in the winter.

Other notable selections
1987: Jack Armstrong, RHP (Reds)
1985: Joe Magrane, LHP (Cardinals)
1978: Rex Hudler, SS (White Sox)*

So, not exactly some great players available in the past, but that doesn't mean No. 18 can't be lucky.

The Dodgers also have the 51st pick.

Notable selections at No. 51
2011 Dante Bichette, 3B (Yankees)*
2008: Anthony Gose, OF (Phillies)*
2005: Ivan De Jesus, SS (Dodgers)
2002: Zach Hammes, RHP (Dodgers)*
1984: Tim Scott, RHP (Dodgers)*

Larkin, Hall of Famer
And easily the best choice at No. 51
1982: Barry Larkin, SS (Reds)*

So, some decent prospects, but not a lot of great players at No. 18. At least there was a great player at No. 51 (at one time) in Larkin.

There are a lot of intriguing possibilities at No. 18, including guys like Richie Shaffer, Ty Hensley, Corey Seager, Stryker Trahan, Stephen Piscotty and a number of other players.

I'm excited for this draft. I'd expect the Dodgers to snag a bat (probably an infielder) and a pitcher with their first two picks. Of course, it's best player available or bust in this case.


Ken Rosenthal brought news on Saturday of Jorge Soler finally being declared a free agent. He isn't expected to be on the market long, so if the Dodgers want to get in on him, they need to do it quickly.

Here's what I wrote in February about Soler and why the Dodgers should make his signing a priority.
"This is exactly what the Dodgers need right now. I know they have a ton of outfield prospects, but none are on the level of this prospect. And by the time Soler would be ready, the Dodgers would probably have a vacancy in their outfield.

The Blue Jays, Cubs, Orioles, Phillies Red Sox, White Sox and Yankees have all expressed some level of interest in the right fielder. How fitting would it be for the Dodgers to reassert their dominance in the international market -- smacking down some of the "big boys" before the rules change?

For me, this is a no-brainer. Will it happen? Absolutely not, but it's more practical than giving Fielder $160 million."
Here's hoping the Dodgers, a team that just signed 20 Latin American free agents, don't let the best one slip by ... at least, not without a fight.


My latest piece at is on the Quakes' powerful catcher Michael Pericht. He has three home runs in his last two games and has a ridiculous (even for the California League) 1.130 OPS. Here's an excerpt:
"Pericht has been playing behind Christopher O’Brien with the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes this season, but that could change if he keeps hitting.

Helping his cause, Pericht is posting reverse splits this season, and is playing more against righties.

  • vs. RHP: .343/.418/.771 (!), 8 HR
  • vs. LHP: .304/.385/.565, 1 HR (23 AB)
So, that’s encouraging. However, his 31.4 percent strikeout rate is a bit alarming. He’s shown the ability to get on base (if only a little) in the past, and has an 8.6 percent walk rate this season. He’ll need to improve in both those areas as he either gets more playing time in Rancho or moves up to Double-A."
Photo credits
Davis: slgckgc, Flickr
Larkin: Rick Dikeman, Wikimedia Commons

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