Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dodgers trade Lindblom and Martin to Philly for Victorino


Best lede ever, right? Well, this is far from the best trade ever. I'm not upset the Dodgers are close to sending reliever Josh Lindblom and an unknown second player to the Phillies for Shane Victorino.

I don't have time for instant analysis, but I'm not especially in favor of this deal. Victorino is a marginal upgrade at best and the Dodgers still need a big bat. Let's hope there's some deadline magic in Ned Colletti's Blackberry.

Update: Ethan Martin is the other player. I don't like this one bit. Martin had struggled this far in his minor-league career, but he finally seems to be figuring it out. Not sure why the Dodgers felt compelled to include a prospect of his ilk to acquire a rental player in Victorino.

There's no guarantee he remains in the rotation long-term, but his arm is something you don't just "throw in" for a mediocre player like Victorino.

Here's hoping the next "big bat" is still coming because Victorino is not that guy.

Photo credit: wonderwallwoody, Flickr


  1. The Dodgers need a leadoff guy and although Victorino is having a down year, he has been quite effective during his career. I'd love a big power bat but those aren't readily available right now unless you want to overpay for an overrated Hunter Pence.

  2. Preposterous deal; as if we need another .260 hitter. And whatever "sock" he's supposed to have is due mostly to playing in that bandbox in Philly.