Monday, July 30, 2012

Dodgers have interest in Shin-Soo Choo and Hunter Pence

I'm writing this on the road, so my apologies for the lack of visuals, depth and links.

The Dodgers are reportedly interested in Indians' outfielder Shin-Shoo Choo.

Some words that immediately come to mind: fantastic, awesome, amazing, WANT.

The 29-year-old outfielder is due a significant pay raise next season in his last year of arbitration and will be a free agent following the 2013 season.

Some wonder if the Indians will move Choo. Well, they're looking for a Major Leaguer who has less than three years of experience and is good. Well, the Dodgers don't have many of those guys -- they just traded their best one in Nathan Eovaldi.

However, Tim Brown of Yahoo Sports tweeted the Dodgers are definitely interested in Choo.

It'd be awesome to acquire him, but they probably have a better chance of acquiring Hunter Pence from the Phillies. They'll need to clear salary after signing former future Dodger Cole Hamels to a massive $144 million contract.

In either of these deals, the Dodgers would have to include Zach Lee, another top pitcher (Chris Reed, Allen Webster, etc.) and one more good youngster. I wonder if the Indians are intrigued with Jerry Sands after his two-grand slam game on Sunday?

Anyway, it should be an interesting couple days. The Dodgers will definitely add a bat and starting pitcher before tomorrow at 1 p.m. I'm eagerly awaiting the announcements.

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  1. Indians were asking for Marte from the Pirates so I doubt we have the guys that they want unless we overpay. I don't wanna give up Lee for Choo. I love Choo but he isn't the type of impact player that I'd want in return for our best prospect.