Friday, August 3, 2012

Dodgers acquire Joe Blanton from the Phillies

Not exactly the Phillies' pitcher I wanted the Dodgers to acquire, but the they finally grabbed a starting pitcher in Joe Blanton.

The Phillies will receive cash and/or a player to be named later. The Dodgers are also responsible for the $2.9 million left on Blanton's contract.

As long as the possible player going to Philadelphia is of no significance, this deal is OK. While Cliff Lee was claimed on waivers, I don't think it was the Dodgers (my guess is Texas) and the likelihood of them landing him weren't exactly great.

This must mean the Dodgers are concerned about Ted Lilly's ability to return this season. Plus, we all know Stephen Fife (God bless him and his specs) wasn't going to finish the season as the Dodgers' fifth starter.

My favorite statistic regarding Blanton: he's walked just 18 batters (two intentionally) in 133 1/3 innings pitched (1.2 BB/9). He's also striking out batters at a career-high rate (7.8 per nine innings).

He's giving up way too many home runs (22, 1.5 per nine), so that's something he'll need to work on.

Blanton's home/road splits this season are eerily similar, but I'd still expect him to pitch better for the Dodgers than he did with the Phillies.

He's a free agent after the season, so this is likely a rental pickup. But I think I like this acquisition more than if the Dodgers somehow began the season with Blanton.

Photo credit: keithreifsnyder, Flickr

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