Saturday, September 15, 2012

Report: Dodgers, unfortunately, sign Ned Colletti to long-term extension

When Mark Walter, Magic Johnson, Stan Kasten and Co. bought the Dodgers in May, many assumed (hoped?) it would spell the end of Ned Colletti's tenure as general manager. But here we are, four-plus months later and the much maligned Dodgers' GM was given a contract extension.

Certainly not what I wanted or expected, up until last week when scuttlebutt began about the Dodgers possibly giving Colletti a new contract.

Don't get me wrong, the guy is nice. I asked him a few questions at Blogger Night and, in his way, was coy and nice when answering. It takes more than just a nice guy to put together a competitive baseball team.

But that doesn't excuse some of the moves he's made in the past. While he was able to land Hanley Ramirez for for a nice price and got the Dodgers another impact bat in Adrian Gonzalez, he was still able to make a couple trades that were either unnecessary or ill-advised.

And that's just this season. We all know of the horrible deals from the past.

Colletti isn't exactly a hot GM when it comes to the open market. No team would be on his tail to get him signed, so I just don't understand why the Dodgers felt the need to get this deal done now -- especially if the August blockbuster with Boston turns out to be a dud (for the record, I don't think it will).

So, I guess we'll have another three years of trading prospects for relief pitchers at the trade deadline. At least Colletti has few financial restrictions, so his potential poor moves can be covered up with money.

Kershaw to miss start, rest of season?

Clayton Kershaw, who's struggled with a hip injury, will miss his next start and possibly need season-ending surgery.

Really, can it get any worse for the Dodgers? Matt Kemp was down for an extended period of time, Kenley Jansen is having heart issues again, Chad Billingsley might need Tommy John surgery and now this.

The Dodgers are just one game out of the final Wild Card spot, but it really seems like they're out of the playoff race completely.

Kershaw's long-term health is more important than a depleted team making the playoffs in 2012. I want the Dodgers to make the playoffs, but I'm not going to be surprised at this point if they don't.

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