Friday, October 26, 2012

Can't believe this is happening again

In 2010, the Rangers had the dominant Cliff Lee and were poised to beat the Giants in the World Series. Five games later, something terrible happened that I won't relive.

Fast forward two years: The Tigers have perhaps the best right-handed pitcher in the game in Justin Verlander and the Giants' have been living on the edge the entire postseason.

Fast forward two games: The unthinkable is close to happening -- again.

After the Reds and Cardinals failed to win just one more game (friggin' chokers), the Tigers are doing their best to piss off every Dodger fan on the planet.

Dodger fans could always claim West Coast championship lore over Giant fans. Now, the Dodgers are 24 years between World Series appearances while the Giants are ... I'm not even going to say it.

Maybe the Mayans were right.

Photo credit: hueytaxi, Flickr

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  1. It's the Dodgers fault. Win their division and beat the Giants and you wouldn't have this problem.