Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dodgers officially eliminated from playoff race, baseball season over

Mark Ellis' short fly ball to center field that, at first looked like it had a chance to drop, ended the Dodgers' season tonight.

"Drop, drop, drop! Ahh f---!"

That's a direct quote from me at the end of the game.

Well, it was definitely an interesting season. There's still one more game -- a game that will be inexplicably started by Clayton Kershaw -- but the Dodgers' playoff hopes ended tonight. I predicted 86 wins from the team in April. With a win tomorrow, they'll hit that mark. Of course, I also predicted they'd nab one of the two wild cards.

Considering how much the team changed from April until now, yes, it's disappointing they'll be watching playoff baseball at home, but this team is primed for next year and beyond.

They'll spend the necessary money to upgrade the team (i.e. a No. 2 starter) and hopefully Logan White & Co. can rebuild the farm system to be respectable once again.

No doubt it sucks to lose. It sucks even more to lose to the Giants. But the Dodgers have no one to blame but themselves.

Also, if someone could gather all the empirical evidence against bunting and forward it to Don Mattingly, that'd be just swell. Far too often did the Dodgers resort to the bunt this season. They completed 82 sacrifices -- most in the majors.

Don, for the sake of everyone with a brain who roots for the Dodgers, STOP BUNTING.

The offseason will be upon us soon and the Dodgers will make some moves, but I wouldn't expect a flurry of moves ala this trade season.

Now, it's time to root for anyone but the Giants (as usual). I'm going with Oakland, Washington and Baltimore, just for kicks.

One final note: Vin Scully will be back next season (not breaking news), so that's something to look forward to.

Photo credit: Dustin Nosler, Feelin' Kinda Blue

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  1. "'Drop, drop, drop! Ahh f---!' That's a direct quote from me at the end of the game."

    Mine was pretty similar, something like, "Drop, drop, drop, c'mon.....Ahhh, you P.O.S.!" Referring to the ball, not Ellis. His baserunning blunder didn't bother me as much as most, although I wasn't watching the game yet at that point. But I'd always rather see a guy trying too hard to win then not hard enough.