Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dodgers' prospect videos: Onelki Garcia, Joc Pederson and Chris Reed

I wish I could take credit for these videos, but I can't. Instead, credit goes to Mike Newman of FanGraphs. He gets to see the Lookouts on a consistent basis, which is something I can't do all the way in California.

He posted three videos of Dodger prospects on Christmas Day -- Onelki Garcia, Joc Pederson and Chris Reed.

Garcia (YouTube link)

- The first half of Garcia's delivery is relatively smooth -- no funk, no pauses, no surprises. The second half (the release) is a little strange. Garcia doesn't bend his back much when he releases, thus making it look like he's pushing the ball toward the plate. His release appears to be a high three-quarters arm slot, as there aren't many true over-the-top left-handers in baseball.


- I saw Pederson live in June and was impressed by him. In this video, he looks a lot better at the plate, despite only having a handful of at-bats at Double-A (that will change in 2013). It looks like he's holding his hands a little higher and the bat pointed more toward the pitcher rather than straight up in the air (compare the photo below to the 0:06 and 0:14 mark) earlier in his stance. This video is from September, so a lot could have changed in three months for the young hitting prospect. Not sure if it contributed to his increase in power, but it's interesting nonetheless.


- Reed has a somewhat herky-jerky delivery, something he said he worked on throughout the season. It starts out well enough, but the herk and jerk comes in when his back leg breaks down and he pushes off the rubber to deliver the pitch. His release point is a traditional three-quarters.


It's always nice to see video of guys who aren't local to California. Garcia pitched all of one game for Rancho Cucamonga late in the season, which I wasn't able to see. I also wasn't able to see Reed pitch live in the three games I saw the Quakes this season.

These three are firmly entrenched among my Dodgers' Top 10 prospects list (though, I'm not the biggest Reed fan). It'd be a surprise if they aren't in everyone's Top 10 list this winter.

Photo credit: Dustin Nosler, Feelin' Kinda Blue


  1. I thought Reed looked more fluid out of the stretch, with no windup

  2. Agreed. I assume he's thrown more out of the stretch than the windup in college and in his brief pro career.