Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dodgers sign Dominican SS Carlos Aquino, continue int'l signing spree

The Dodgers' international signing barrage continued over the weekend, as they signed Dominican shortstop Carlos Aquino to a $75,000 deal.

His age is unknown, but it's probably safe to assume he's a teenager.

From the Dominican Prospect League website:
Aquino was eligible in 2012 but lacked the strength and ability he is presently showing. He has smooth fielding actions with solid average arm strength and runs average (6.9 60 yard dash). Aquino is a switch hitting line drive gap hitter with more pop from the left side."
There is also video on the assumed youngster.

Aquino's swing needs a lot of work. His stance is open and his swing looks long in the video. He has a modified toe-tap that I'm sure the Dodger minor-league hitting instructors try to eliminate.

It's hard to scout off one video, but Aquino's swing appears to be really raw and needs lots of refinement.

Aquino appears to be bigger than recent signee Ravel Hernandez, also a shortstop. A move to third base (or another position) could be in his future -- but that's a ways off.

Eric Stephen of True Blue LA did us the courtesy of trying to figure out how much of the allotted $2.9 million to sign international prospects the Dodgers have remaining. His best guess is the team has a less than $1 million rio sign international prospects before the next period begins in July.

Keep the signings coming. This is nothing but good for the farm system.


  1. AJ Ellis is a BeastJanuary 29, 2013 at 2:38 PM

    What are your thoughts on Alex Castellanos? None of the prospectors seem to give him any love, yet he's OPS'd over 1.000 with the Dodgers and has 71 XBH's(!) in 126 games. With all the talk that LA doesn't have a 2b or 3b of the future, why can't it be Castle? I think he could be a Howie Kendrick type but w/more plate discipline and offense but less defense. Kendrick's been worth at least 2 fWAR each of the last 6 years.
    Do you have any insight as to how bad Castle's defense is at 2b or 3b? If it's at least passable, he could be a poor man's Allen Craig, platooning for Dre/CC while presenting an alternative to Cruz at 3b, and taking over for MEllis next year. Thoughts?

  2. Jared and I actually talk about this in the newest episode of "Dugout Blues," which goes live tomorrow.