Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Podcast: 'Dugout Blues' episode 33 - First week, Kershaw, Kemp, prospects

On this episode of "Dugout Blues," Jared Massey (Dodger Diamond) and talk about the first week of Dodger baseball while being distracted by the Dodgers' eventual 9-3 loss in San Diego.

We fawn over Clayton Kershaw, as he was dominant in his second start of the season. We also talk about the other two good starting pitchers in Hyun-Jin Ryu and Zack Greinke.

We try to figure out what's wrong with Matt Kemp and the Dodger offense. Aside from Carl Crawford, Mark Ellis and Adrian Gonzalez, everyone can stand to hit a lot better -- especially guys named Luis Cruz, Justin Sellers and Juan Uribe.

Next up is the minor-league portion of the podcast, led by the tantalizing Yasiel Puig, (or "Pew-ig/Poo-ig," according to some), Scott Van Slyke, Alex Castellanos, Paul Hoenecke and a plethora of pitchers who had good first weeks, such as Zach Lee, Onelki Garcia, Ross Stripling, Zachary Bird and more. The Dodgers have some good pitching depth all around the minors but, like the Major League team, the offense is lagging behind (aside from the fellas named above).

Corey Seager is off to a slow start, but there's little reason to be concerned. Others are off to slow starts, but it is just a four- or five-game sample at this point.

Finally, we close with some good listener questions.

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