Wednesday, June 5, 2013

2013 MLB Draft prospect profile: Jon Denney, Yukon HS (Okla.)

This is the eighth prospect I'm profiling for the 2013 MLB Draft. It's Jon Denney, a catcher from Oklahoma. He's an intriguing prospect with a lot of power behind the plate.

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6'2, 205 pounds
18 years old
Bats: R
Throws: R

Yukon, Okla.
Yukon High School (Okla.)

RankingsBaseball America: 25
ESPN: 22 20
MLB Draft Insider: 25
Minor League Ball: 9
Perfect Game: ?
Scouting Baseball: 32


Denney is the best hitting catcher available in this draft. He projects to hit for a little average and well-above-average power for a backstop. His swing is balanced and should help him be an all-around good hitter.

So, why does a catcher who can hit as well as Denney not profile as a higher draft pick? Well, there's doubt in the scouting community whether he can remain a catcher long-term. While his throwing behind the plate is fine, his receiving is what has them most concerned.

His issues behind the plate can be corrected with instruction and coaching. He should be able to remain at catcher, but on the off chance he can't, a corner outfield spot or first base could be in his future.


Denney is committed to the University of Arkansas, but should be an easy sign as a surefire first-round selection.

While the Dodgers are connected to a bunch of high school pitchers, they've been loosely tied to high school catchers. Denney could be the team's selection at 18, but I wouldn't count on it.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Perfect Game

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