Monday, June 17, 2013

Dodgers could lose 2014 first-round draft pick due to heavy 2013 bonuses

With the new collective bargaining agreement, teams are much more creative in the MLB Draft than ever before. But since new CBA’s inception a couple years ago, no team has ever had to forfeit a draft pick due to overspending.

The Dodgers are dangerously close to doing so. The team inked seventh-rounder Brandon Trinkwon (pictured) this morning for slot, which prompted this post.

Here’s a breakdown of the signing bonuses the Dodgers have given out to the 2013 draft class thus far.

Chris Anderson
Tom Windle
Brandon Dixon
Cody Bellinger
J.D. Underwood
Jacob Rhame
Brandon Trinkwon
Kyle Farmer
Henry Yates
Nick Keener
Spencer Navin

  • Farmer has signed, but there’s been no announcement of his bonus just yet.
  • Keneer should be a relatively easy sign. I’d be surprised if he got more than the $5,000 Yates received. Last year’s 10th-rounder Zach Babitt got a $2,500 bonus.
  • Underwood has reportedly signed and will get more than the $306,200 recommended for his selection.


Normally, the 11th-rounder’s bonus wouldn’t count toward the spending cap, but since the team spent $300,000 on Navin, $200,000 worth of it counts toward the cap as all picks from the 10th round and on can get up to a $100,000 without it counting toward the cap.

As you can see, the Dodgers went way over slot with Bellinger. As their only high school draftee on this list, that makes a little sense.

The Dodgers can spend 5 percent more than the $5,211,700 allotted to them -- which works out to $260,585 -- without losing a draft pick. The Dodgers need to save a combined $162,615 on Farmer and Keener for them to avoid the penalty.

I trust the front office will figure it out, but this is a bit too close for comfort. The 2014 draft is supposed to be much better than the 2013 draft, and it would be a shame if the Dodgers didn’t have their first-round selection for this reason.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Perfect Game


  1. Of course it was going to be like this. In a weak draft the Dodgers played a shit hand to affect their chances in a better draft.

    So basically the Dodgers need to shave about $200K from Farmer and Keener? With their respective slot money at $153K and $135K, I really don't see them signing for ~34% of that. Ugh.

    What's pitiful is that this is some basic maths too. It ain't rocket science to do a sum(e2:e12)

  2. Since when do 8th and tenth rounders get more than 10 grand and 5 grand? Thanks for showing how close they had to go to get the important guys signed Dustin. I doubt Farmer ever pans out any ways hes a shortstop they are switching to catcher. I'll bet dollars to donuts that don't work. Hell they can't even manage to develop Ogle they got him at first base

    1. @capnsparrow - $53K and $35k respectively, not 10k/5k. (If the assumption is that the Dodgers need $200K from those two slots.) Dustin, which is the more questionable move? Going way over slot with Bellinger (I guess the reports of a pre-draft deal is legit but was he so highly rated that they had to do that?) or $200K for Navin?

    2. I think the $200,000 for Navin. At least there was a real reason to go that far over slot for Bellinger (HS, strong college commit, big power potential). Navin seems like another run-of-the-mill catcher.

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  4. Keener throws 85, he stunk at a bad D2 school, he will just be happy to be there and sign for whatever they put in front of him.