Monday, June 10, 2013

Dodgers' selection of Tom Windle in 2013 MLB Draft is somewhat puzzling

I was a little disappointed last year when the Dodgers chose Paco Rodriguez in the second round of the 2012 MLB Draft. I'm not a fan of wasting high-round picks on relievers. To my surprise, I've been happy with Rodriguez's performance as a pro. At this rate, he's the second-best reliever on the team.

So, why don't I feel the same way about the Dodgers' 2013 second-round selection Tom Windle?

Answer: I don't know.

While the organization is going to give him a chance to start, I don't see him ending up in the rotation, ala Chris Reed.

Maybe that's it. The Dodgers took a college player high in the draft who profiles as a reliever and they're going to make him a starter. Maybe.

Here's what some of the experts said about Windle.
  • Baseball America: "He has the ceiling of a No. 2 starter, or of a closer if he winds up in the bullpen."
  • Keith Law: "(Windle) profiles as either a back-end starter or good reliever, a command/finesse pitcher with average stuff but very good feel."
  • Kiley McDaniel: "He has the size and repertoire to start, but may wind up as a power lefty in the pen."
  • John Sickels: "Windle is a potential fifth starter or relief option who could advance quickly."
Not exactly favorable write-ups of the Dodgers' second-rounder.

The Dodgers have been hit-and-miss on their second-rounders in the Logan White era.
Rodriguez, Lindblom and DeJesus have all played in the majors. At this rate, Santana has a lot to prove and Cash hasn't been able to stay healthy. Smith and Gould are fringy major-leaguers while Watt, Johnson, Tiffany and Hammes never reached the majors. Johnson is still with the organization in Triple-A.


I'm not impressed. With guys like left-hander Hunter Green (who went to the Angels three picks later) and catcher Jon Denney (who inexplicably fell to the early third round), popping Windle at No. 56 seems more like a quick fix rather than a developmental-type prospect.

I'd like nothing better for him to prove me wrong and be a No. 3ish starter in the majors, but I'm not holding my breath.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Perfect Game (via the University of Minnesota)

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