Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dodgers' third-round pick Brandon Dixon could have a future at 2B

The Dodgers chose an interesting college prospect in Brandon Dixon during the third round of the 2013 MLB Draft.

Dixon had a poor sophomore season, but he had a resurgent junior season, causing the Dodgers to pop him in the third round.

Dixon, a third baseman at the University of Arizona, worked on his defense to become an adequate defender at the hot corner. But my first impression is the Dodgers chose him to play second base.

Jared Massey of Dodger Diamond had a chance to interview the third-round pick and he alluded to the idea of him at second.
"One of my greatest strengths would be my versatility. I can play just about anywhere on the field ..."
The biggest part of Dixon’s game that is lacking is power, which is something most third basemen need to stay at the position. He's a self-proclaimed contact and speed-type player, which profiles quite well at second base.

Dixon is a Southern California native who could move quickly through the system if he can either hit well enough to stick at third base or defend well enough to play second base. Second base isn't as much a defense-first position as it once was, so if he's just slightly better than a guy like Jeff Kent, he could have a long and distinguished career.

As a college junior, he isn't a 100 percent lock to sign, but I'd be shocked if he and the Dodgers don't come to an agreement.

If/when he signs, he'll likely begin the season with the Ogden Raptors with the chance to move up to Great Lakes rather quickly.


The Dodgers officially announced on Wednesday the signings of sixth-rounder RHP Jacob Rhame and 26th-rounder RHP Thomas Taylor.

Also, fourth-rounder Cody Bellinger, perhaps my favorite pick in the top 10 rounds outside of Chris Anderson, has a deal in place. Apparently, he's had it in place since about 30 minutes before he was drafted.
So, that's good to hear. The prep first baseman drawn comparisons to Adam LaRoche and is extremely raw. He's thin as a rail, so he'll have to fill out to justify that comparison. He has good raw power and could have a solid hit tool going forward. His defense should be plus at the position.

Photo credit: Courtesy of University of Arizona Athletics

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