Friday, June 21, 2013

Dodgers won't lose 2014 first-round pick, plus a Julio Urias GIF

The Dodgers won't lose their 2014 first-round pick after J.P. Hoornstra tweeted me some good news.
I wrote on Monday the Dodgers were dangerously close to going over their draft spending pool limit. Luckily, the bonuses given to J.D. Underwood (5th-rounder, $360,000), Kyle Farmer (8th, $40,000) and Nick Keener (10th, $5,000) kept the Dodgers in the black.

Round Player Slot Bonus Savings
1 Chris Anderson $2,109,900 $2,109,900 $0
2 Tom Windle $986,500 $986,500 $0
3 Brandon Dixon $566,500 $566,500 $0
4 Cody Bellinger $409,000 $700,000 ($291,000)
5 J.D. Underwood $306,200 $360,000 ($53,800)
6 Jacob Rhame $229,300 $300,000 ($70,700)
7 Brandon Trinkwon $171,900 $171,900 $0
8 Kyle Farmer $153,600 $40,000 $113,600
9 Henry Yates $143,500 $5,000 $138,500
10 Nick Keener $135,300 $5,000 $130,300
11 Spencer Navin $0 $200,000 ($200,000)
Total $5,211,700 $5,444,800

The Dodgers were able to go $260,585 over budget (5 percent of their $5.2 million pool) without losing the 2014 pick. The team is now $27,485 in the black and probably won't spend much more of it.

The Dodgers will have to pay a 75 percent luxury tax on the overage, which turns out to be $52,863.75 extra. A drop in the bucket for this ownership. The Dodgers also spent more than their allotted amount in 2012.

Despite what I wrote, I really didn't think the Dodgers were going to screw this up, but they sure did make it more "interesting" than it needed to be.

Underwood has some ability, but I'm interested to see how Farmer handles the transition behind the plate. He was a middle infielder and is going to be a catcher in professional ball.

Here's hoping the Dodgers don't make things this interesting next year. At this point, it's going to be a Top-10 pick, which wasn't the way they drew it up back in April.


For no apparent reason, here's a GIF of Julio Urias' changeup, via theintentionalbalk.

Photo credit: Courtesy of UGA Sports Communications

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