Friday, July 5, 2013

Dodgers' MLB Draft and international signing update: Harris, Tirado, Padilla

The Dodgers made another over-slot signing by inking 17th-round pick Greg Harris on Wednesday to a $175,000 bonus. That $75,000 extra counts against the Dodgers' draft spending limit.

Harris was committed to the University of Oregon, so the Dodgers had to kick in the extra $75,000 to get him to forego his commitment.

To date, the team is $6,285 under the team's allotted $5,472,285, which includes the 5 percent overage. Contrary to my last update, fifth-round pick J.D. Underwood signed for $306,200, not $360,000.

Round Player Slot Bonus Savings
1 Chris Anderson $2,109,900 $2,109,900 $0
2 Tom Windle $986,500 $986,500 $0
3 Brandon Dixon $566,500 $566,500 $0
4 Cody Bellinger $409,000 $700,000 ($291,000)
5 J.D. Underwood $306,200 $306,200 $0
6 Jacob Rhame $229,300 $300,000 ($70,700)
7 Brandon Trinkwon $171,900 $171,900 $0
8 Kyle Farmer $153,600 $40,000 $113,600
9 Henry Yates $143,500 $5,000 $138,500
10 Nick Keener $135,300 $5,000 $130,300
11 Spencer Navin $0 $200,000 ($200,000)
17 Greg Harris $0 $75,000 ($75,000)
Total $5,211,700 $5,466,000 ($254,300)

The Dodgers -- provided they don't sign any other guys to over-slot bonuses (because $6,285 is chump change in baseball) -- won't lose their 2014 first-round pick.

The Dodgers also signed 30th-rounder catcher Ryan Scott (Notre Dame High School, Ariz.). However, 31st-rounder third baseman Andrew McWilliam (Westlake HS, Calif.) decided to attend the University of New Mexico and 13th-rounder left-handed pitcher Ty Damron is all but assured of going to Texas Tech University.

Scott was a nice get for the Dodgers. I didn't think they were going to get him out of his commitment to Arizona Western College -- a junior college that would allow him to re-enter the draft next year. He was also considering UCLA, UNLV, Oregon and the University of San Diego.

Losing out on McWilliam and likely Damron hurt the potential for the Dodgers' 2013 draft. McWilliam was a tall, thin third baseman with big power potential who should provide Chris Jackson (Albuquerque Examiner) with some good content for the next three seasons. Damron has potential as a lefty high schooler who already sits in the upper-80s and should be a low-90s pitcher after some instruction and growth in college.


The Dodgers also signed three players on the first day of the international signing period (July 2) and one the following day.

July 2
Daniel Padilla
Alvaro Trillo
Sven Schuller

July 3
Lucas Tirado

Padilla and Trillo signed for $200,000 each, while Schuller's signing bonus is unknown. As only the fifth European player the Dodgers have ever had (four international signees, one Rule 4 draftee -- hat tip to 7_marko, via Twitter), the bonus won't be too much. Tirado signed for a cool million bucks, as expected.

Baseball America had this to say about the signees:

Padilla: "Padilla, 16, is 6-foot-3, 185 pounds with good athleticism, excellent speed and a strong arm from center field. With his size and wheels, he offers an intriguing combination of speed and power potential from the right side of the plate. Padilla trained with Dennys Suarez."

Tirado: "Tirado, 16, is 6-foot-2, 180 pounds and shows a short swing from the left side during batting practice, although his game performance has been uneven. He’s a below-average runner and doesn’t have a standout tool, which means a position change is likely in his future."

Trillo: "Trillo, 16, is 6-foot-1, 175 pounds with a loose arm and a fastball up to 91 mph. His curveball already gets up to the high-70s with good break, so he could have two above-average pitches between his fastball and his curveball. He has shown some feel for changeup as well with good pitchability for his age. Trillo trains with Rafael Betancourt."

The Dodgers have spent at least $1.4 million of their $2,322,600 international spending budget. I look forward to seeing who else the Dodgers sign between now and mid-June 2014 on the international market.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Perfect Game

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