Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dodgers sign Moises Perez, Venezuelan shortstop, for $250,000

The Dodgers made another international signing on Thursday, inking Venezuelan shortstop Moises Perez to a $250,000 bonus.

The 16-year-old is the sixth prospect the Dodgers have signed on the international market -- three of whom have been shortstops (Alberto Estrella, Lucas Tirado), one an outfielder (Daniel Padilla) and two pitchers (Sven SchullerAlvaro Trillo).

From Ben Badler of Baseball America:
"The Dodgers have signed 16-year-old Venezuelan shortstop Moises Perez for $250,000.
Perez, 16, is an athletic player who stands out in the field with clean hands, good actions and an above-average arm. He’s a 6-foot righthanded hitter whose advanced glove is ahead of his bat. Perez trains with Carlos Rios."
Here's a couple shots of the youngster signing his contract.

It seems Perez is a glove-first shortstop, which isn't a bad thing. With his signing, the Dodgers have $269,600 remaining to spend until June 15 (barring any trades). If Schuller's bonus is more than $50,000, it will count toward the cap. I reported on Tuesday his bonus was for "less than $100,000." I'm guessing it won't since it hasn't been formally announced yet.

I could see the Dodgers acquiring more space, especially with the July 31 trade deadline rapidly approaching. They've acquired $406,700 in trades thus far and can acquire up to $649,750 more under the new Collective Bargaining Agreement. I suspect they'll get a little more.

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