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Looking at Baseball America's Top 10 Dodgers' prospects from 1992-2000

This is how Baseball America ranked the Dodgers’ Top 10 prospects from 1992-2000. There are tons of familiar names on this list because this was a large part of my formative years.

Slightly off-topic, but Baseball America Executive Editor Jim Callis is leaving the publication and taking a job with MLB.com, beginning in September. Best of luck to him as he's truly one of the best in the business.


8. Henry Rodriguez OF/1B
9. Greg Hansell RHP
- This could be the most star-studded list with two future hall of famers in Martinez and Piazza. Karros and Mondesi were Rookies of the Year while Astacio and Rodriguez had decent careers. Ashley might have been the most powerful Dodger prospect ever. All of these guys played in the majors.


1. Mike Piazza C
2. Raul Mondesi OF
4. Greg Hansell RHP
5. Pedro Martinez RHP
7. Billy Ashley OF
8. Omar Daal LHP
10. Rick Gorecki RHP
- Every player on this Top 10 played in the majors, and all did so as Dodgers at one time. Martinez dropped to five presumably because BA (and Tommy Lasorda) thought he was a reliever. Daal made his first appearance on the list, as did future ROY Hollandsworth (that was a down year).


2. Todd Hollandsworth OF
3. Roger Cedeno OF
4. Rick Gorecki RHP
5. Raul Mondesi OF
6. Jose Parra RHP
7. Todd Williams RHP
8. Kym Ashworth LHP
9. Dwight Maness OF
10. Michael Moore OF
- Dreifort was the No. 2 pick in the 1993 MLB Draft, so his topping this list is no surprise. He went onto have a nice career. The only other impact player was Mondesi.


1. Todd Hollandsworth OF
3. Chan Ho Park RHP
4. Roger Cedeno OF
7. Rick Gorecki RHP
8. Greg Hansell RHP
10. Kym Ashworth LHP
- The Dodgers’ international infusion was apparent in this Top 10, with Osuna, Park, Garcia and Rodriguez were all amateur free agents. Konerko was the Dodgers’ No. 1 pick in 1994. Hideo Nomo made his debut this season, but he wasn’t signed before BA released its Top 10. If he was, he would have topped this list.


1. Karim Garcia OF
2. Chan Ho Park RHP
3. Todd Hollandsworth OF
4. Paul Konerko 1B
6. Roger Cedeno OF
7. David Yocum LHP
8. Onan Masaoka LHP
9. Felix Rodriguez RHP
10. Adam Riggs 2B
- After jumping from High-A to Triple-A as a 19-year-old, Garcia, rightfully so, topped this list. Too bad it never translated to Major League production. Guerrero made his debut after being signed on the international market. Funny thing is, the Dodgers chose to sign him instead of his brother Vladimir Guerrero. And Wilton also corked his bat, earning the moniker, "Corky."


1. Paul Konerko 3B/1B
2. Karim Garcia OF
3. Wilton Guerrero 2B
6. Onan Masaoka LHP
7. Ted Lilly LHP
8. Alex Cora SS
9. Adam Riggs 2B
10. Omar Moreno, Jr. OF
- Konerko, the best player on the lists from 1995-98, finally tops the list. He was looking like the heir apparent to Karros, who posted back-to-back sub-.800 OPS seasons (despite hitting 34 and 31 home runs). Beltre was signed as a 16-year-old, despite it coming out a few years later he signed before he was 16. Lilly and Cora made their first appearances.


1. Paul Konerko 1B
2. Adrian Beltre 3B
3. Mike Judd RHP
4. Dennis Reyes LHP
5. Ted Lilly LHP
6. Onan Masaoka LHP
7. Adam Riggs 2B
8. Kevin Gibbs OF
9. Alex Cora SS/2B
10. Jeff Kubenka LHP
- If not for Konerko, Beltre would have topped this list. Reyes was another international signee and was dubbed the next Fernando Valenzuela (lazy comp). Konerko would be traded for Jeff Shaw and Lilly was part of the package that landed Mark Grudzielanek and Carlos Perez from the Montreal Expos.


3. Mike Judd RHP
4. Steve Colyer LHP
5. Luke Allen OF
7. Glenn Davis 1B/OF
9. Onan Masaoka LHP
10. Adam Riggs 2B
- The fact Pena topped this list should tell you all you need to know. Chen was the Dodgers’ big signing out of Taiwan while Prokopec had some brief success. I’ll remember the game in 1999 when he shut down the Astros for 8 2/3 innings before Davey Johnson lifted because Prokopec couldn’t get the final out he needed (kind of like Zack Greinke last night). The Dodgers still won.


1. Chin-Feng Chen OF
2. Eric Gagne RHP
3. Hong-Chih Kuo LHP
6. Mike Judd RHP
7. Luke Allen 3B
8. Brennan King 3B
9. Steve Colyer LHP
10. Kris Foster RHP
- Despite Chen never panning out, Gagne and Kuo gave the Dodgers some great seasons as relievers. Repko, when he wasn’t busy injuring Rafael Furcal, spent significant time on Major League rosters. Colyer pitched a little bit with the Dodgers while Foster went to Baltimore with Geronimo Gil for Mike Trombley.


Despite the sharp downturn the system took after 1998, there was some really good talent in this 9-year stretch. From 1999 through about 2003, the system was near the bottom. Logan White’s first season was 2002 and was tasked with turning the farm system around. It’s safe to say, he did.

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  1. Zach Lee is coming along rather slowly for a guy who is supposedly our #1 prospect...does this concern you at all? His K/9 numbers are not where they should be for a top-level major league prospect. What do you project him as?

  2. He's 21 and in Double-A. He spent half of his age-20 season in Double-A. That isn't slow at all.

    He has an 8.3 K/9, which is the best of his career. In fact, he's posting career-bests all over the place: 3.22 ERA, 3.37 FIP, 2.2 BB/9, 142 2/3 IP, 1.17 WHIP, 3.74 K/BB, etc. Not sure why folks aren't higher on him.

    He's a No. 3 starter for me. At worst, a No. 4.