Saturday, August 31, 2013

Report: Dodgers acquire Michael Young from Phillies because, um, grit?

In some extremely surprising news, the Dodgers traded for Michael Young at the waiver trade deadline on Saturday night.

I was down the left field line taking video of Matt Kemp's second at-bat in his third rehab game and I just sighed, heavily, when I read the tweet from Fox Sports.

I just don't know what to make of this deal. Young literally has a 0 wins above replacement. Literally. It isn't even known who the Dodgers are trading to get Young, but it just didn't seem like the Dodgers needed a guy like Young going forward.

Young is walking at a career-high clip of 8.3 percent. That's about it. He doesn't offer much in the way of power (eight home runs) or extra base hits (.389 slugging).

Then there's his defense, which is atrocious. He has a -16.2 UZR/150 and is -17 defensive runs saved. His UZR/150 is fourth-worst in the majors and his DRS is worst in baseball.

He could back up at first- and second base, but with Adrian Gonzalez at first and a platoon of Mark Ellis and Skip Schumaker at second, it looks like Young could spend the majority of his time at third base.

This deal depends on who the Dodgers gave up. Much like the Drew Butera trade, if it's anyone of significance, it will have been too much. They gave up Miguel Sulbaran for Butera. I'm betting they don't give up anyone as good as him for Young. Well, maybe it's more hoping than betting.

Update (Aug. 31, 9:06 p.m.): Dodgers sent Rob Rasmussen to the Phillies in the deal, while the Dodgers got some cash back in the deal to cover some or all of Young's remaining salary. He was acquired in the John Ely trade over the winter. I liked him better than most, and the Dodgers -- in my eyes -- actually gave up more for Young than Butera. So, I guess that's a win... I guess?

Oh, and this deal must be officially consummated by 9 p.m. -- roughly 30 minutes from now -- he won't be eligible for the postseason roster. Jayson Stark reports a minor-league pitcher is going to the Phillies. We'll have to see who it is.

Photo credit: Keith Allison, Wikimedia Commons


  1. IMO, Sulbaran is a better prospect than Rasmussen. Five years younger, bigger and taller (and still might grow an inch or two), and a potentially better changeup. I'm trying to think how this deal benefits us, and all I can really come up with is that Ned is simply a hoarder, hence Butera, Volquez, Jonathan Sanchez, Marmol, and Brian Wilson (the latter two might be useful).

  2. It's hard to have a high WAR when you are used as a utility man on a good team. I do believe sometimes sabrmetrics gets in the way of seeing the player that's in front of you. Besides, a 0 WAR isn't so bad. It just means that he fills in a role just as well as the next guy. Hence a utility man. Good pick up

    1. I'm the Phillies are not a good team
      Nick punto has a positive WAR. Young hasn't necessarily been a good player for awhile now, why pick up a guy who will add less value that a SVS, Herrera, or Castle?

  3. Simply put Young gives us a .300 career hitter coming off the bench in the playoffs with some pop. Name me one guy on the Dodgers with 2,359 MLB hits coming off the bench.He's here solely to help this season.Playoff tested also.Very nice pick up Ned.