Thursday, August 1, 2013

Update on Alexander Guerrero and the Dodgers' attempt to land him (w/ video)

There hasn't been much news on the Alexander Guerrero front since it was reported he had signed with the Dodgers on July 22.

Guerrero has yet to be cleared by the Office of Foreign Assests Control, meaning he can't sign with a Major League team even if he wanted to. That's why Guerrero's agent Rudy Santin came out and completely denied the initial reports.

Polo Ascencio of Time Warner Cable tweeted on Friday a source told him an American League team swooped in and offered Guerrero a better deal than the 7-year, $32 million offer from the Dodgers, leading to some confusion and doubt that he'd sign with the Dodgers (when allowed).

But, Jesse Sanchez of has also tweeted on Friday the Dodgers are still the frontrunners for Guerrero's services.

Chad Moriyama opined on the topic on Monday.
"And that’s why 'agreeing to terms' and 'handshake agreements' are not final, I suppose. That said, I wouldn’t give up on the prospect of Guerrero being a Dodger, especially since money is the primary issue."
Pretty much.

Guerrero could be cleared by OFAC within the next two weeks. I'm skeptical he'll be able to help the Dodgers much this season. This possible moves seems more about the Dodgers' future at second base than it is the present. With Mark Ellis playing his best ball of the season for the last month and the team failing to land a second baseman at Wednesday's trade deadline, the Dodgers probably won't thrust Guerrero into a full-time role after having not played for nearly a year-and-a-half.

Here's some video of Santin talking about Guerrero's abilities.

I don't think he'll be a "middle-of-the-order" bat as Santin said, but he should be a bat-first second baseman. If there's something else to take away from the video is Santin said Guerrero has great makeup. You can't coach makeup. That's definitely a plus.

And from the looks of it, Guerrero appears to be in great shape, ala Yasiel Puig after the Dodgers signed him last year.

I'm still expecting Guerrero to land with the Dodgers. I don't know how much he'll help the 2013 team (he is 26, after all), but he could be the team's second baseman of the future. If that's the case, I say sign him up and stay away from Robinson Cano this winter.

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