Monday, December 23, 2013

Dodgers' signing of Jamey Wright could signal something is brewing

After the Dodgers reportedly agreed to terms with Chris Perez late Sunday night, it was a safe assumption they were done adding pieces to the bullpen. But the Dodgers apparently agreed to a 1-year contract with former Dodger (and just about everyone else) Jamey Wright.

I wrote about Wright when the Dodgers reportedly had interest in him at the Winter Meetings.
"Something to note is the reduced ground ball percentage. The nearly 11 percent decline didn't result in an outrageous rise in his home run per fly ball rate, which was likely because he struck out more than a batter per nine innings more in 2013 than he did in 2012.
He'll be 39 later this month, so there's no guarantee the success will continue. But on a 1-year deal, Wright would be well worth a look.
Wright has made a Major League rosters in each of the last eight seasons as a non-roster invitee. This year, it seems he won't have to be an NRI, as NRIs don't usually get inked in December -- especially those who have been really solid the last couple of years."
He probably didn't agree to a minor-league deal, so this creates quite the full bullpen in Los Angeles.

Bullpen locks
J.P. Howell
Kenley Jansen
Chris Perez
Paco Rodriguez
Brian Wilson
Jamey Wright

Bullpen hopefuls
Jose Dominguez
Brandon League
Seth Rosin
Chris Withrow

Bullpen longshots
Stephen Fife
Onelki Garcia
Yimi Garcia
Matt Magill

Chad Billingsley
Scott Elbert


That's 16 players for -- at most -- seven spots. Because guys like Dominguez and Withrow have options, they're likely the odd men out. Rosin was a Rule 5 draftee. If he's to remain with the Dodgers, he'll have to be on the 25-man roster (or the disabled list). I only put League here because he was atrocious in 2013 and I could see the Dodgers eating that money (though, it isn't likely).

Billingsley and Elbert will be placed on the 60-day disabled list. Billingsley is expected to pitch later this season, so he'll almost assuredly be back.

The Wright signing could signal a couple things:
  1. Perez (or Howell, I suppose) failed his (their) physical(s)
  2. There's a trade brewing
Of the two, I'd say No. 2 is more likely. Guess it could be David Price, but I wouldn't call it a lock. Maybe a minor(ish) trade involving Withrow or Dominguez, because having guys like Perez, League and Wright instead of Withrow makes zero sense.

We'll see what happens. Wright is a solid reliever, but the bullpen is now overflowing with available arms. Something has to give here.

Photo credit: Keith Allison, Wikimedia Commons


  1. Probably not Jansen but perhaps they may trade Wilson

    1. Pretty sure they couldn't trade Wilson until June if they wanted to (and there's no reason they should).

  2. these are some brain dead comments

  3. nick franklin? or is that a longshot...

    1. Not for Withrow straight-up. Would have to be part of a package.

  4. First of all, they'll carry 7, especially the way Donnie uses three guys in the 7th inning night after night. Second, Perez is not a lock to make the squad based on his bad year last year, as well as his dog's drug problems and the vomiting fiascos...probably will, at least for Opening day. Third, Dominguez didn't establish himself last year, so he could certainly be in the minors. Fourth, although I think he's solid, Withrow has always had location issues, so you need a potential replacement for him, even though he's the 7th guy initially. Fifth, Wright is *old*, and he may not last all year. So, this makes perfect sense having an 8th option. And...there is no trade for Price so stop that!.

    1. I couldn't agree more. The only major thing from Colletti's mouth on outfielder trades was that last year he had a bunch of arms that he let go and ended up empty and wasn't eager to move any of them. I doubt he's thinking any different on bullpen arms especially after how it performed in the playoffs. Oh, and didn't he say they weren't pursuing any arms? I doubt they're going after Tanaka when Kershaw's due a hefty load. I know the Dodgers are rich but c'mon! Hopefully Bills and Elbert get healthy.

  5. Billingsley getting healthy and being good would resolve the need for Tanaka, and save a bunch of money. I guess he would be ready near the start of the year, although that depends on how quickly he's healing, and that varies from person to person.
    I know there's a lot of sunlight being blown around about Kershaw, but I think there are some suspicious things about why he hasn't begun serious negotiations yet. I was thinking he was waiting for all the awards to be announced, so his market value would hit it's peak.

    1. Still contend Billingsley won't be ready until midseason.