Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Podcast: 'Dugout Blues' episode 63 - Haren, Kemp/Ethier rumors, prospects

On this episode of "Dugout Blues," Jared Massey (Dodger Diamond) and I drone on endlessly about rumors... for 88 minutes.

The Hot Stove might literally be on fire, as baseball saw a myriad of moves on Tuesday -- none of which were made by the Dodgers. They're just lying in wait.

News did break of Brian Wilson's potential re-signing with the Dodgers. We both like it.

Matt Kemp's name keeps coming up in trade rumors -- most prominently with the Mariners. We discuss some potential trade scenarios, though, neither of us want the Dodgers to move Kemp. Andre Ethier trade scenarios are also discussed.

Dan Haren signed with the Dodgers since we last record, something I wanted to happen and something we both liked.

Ronald Belisario was non-tendered, something I wanted to happen while Jared seemed a little hesitant to get on board with.

Baseball America released its Top 10 Dodger prospects for 2014, and we talk at length about the rankings.
Episode dedications
Jared: Angel Pena
Dustin: Jon Meloan
As usual, we close with Q&A. We had a ton of them, which we really appreciate.

We'll probably continue to record every other week, or as news warrants, during the winter.

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