Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Reports: Dodgers, Clayton Kershaw, getting close on 'record-breaking' deal

Well, it's about damn time. People can now (almost) stop panicking, as it seems the Dodgers and Clayton Kershaw are going to come to a contract agreement sooner rather than later.

Ken Gurnick first reported Tuesday the two sides were discussing a deal that could be worth as much as $30 million over as many as 10 years. Now, that could be an 8-year, $240 million deal or a 10-year, $300 million deal -- or any combination thereof.

Ken Rosenthal reported Wednesday morning the Dodgers want to get this extension done quickly.
"The Dodgers, according to major league sources, want to sign Kershaw to a contract extension by Friday, when clubs must exchange contract proposals with players who filed for arbitration.

The deadline for “pre-exchange contracts” that day is 1 p.m. ET. The two sides are working to complete a deal before then, knowing that the difference between the Dodgers' offer and Kershaw’s request could be significant, sources said."
It's interesting the source thinks the arbitration numbers would be that different. But, it seems like this deal is going to get done.

There had been rumblings the two sides were -- quietly -- making progress on a deal, and it seems that was true.

The Dodgers couldn't let Kershaw reach free agency. He's going into his age-26 season, and would be the most attractive free agent since Alex Rodriguez. He's the unquestioned best pitcher in the game, and he's only now entering his prime (think about that for a minute).

I'm trying to temper my excitement, as the Dodgers and Kershaw have been close on an extension before. However, this situation is different. There's a sense of urgency to get this deal done., and it seems like it will be done soon.

Kershaw's agent is Casey Close, who also represents Zack Greinke and potential future Dodger Masahiro Tanaka. Close is going to be an extremely busy man for the next nine days, especially with this pending extension. I'll have a post either on Yahoo Sports later today or here tomorrow about how the Dodgers can afford both of them, and it has nothing to do with Mark Walter's money-printing machine.

It's happening, and once it's official, everything will be as it should.

Photo credit: Dustin Nosler, Feelin' Kinda Blue

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