Friday, February 6, 2015

My 2015 Top 100 Dodgers prospects

Oh, hi there. It's been awhile. I just concluded my Top 100 Dodgers' prospect series over at Dodgers Digest. Here's a link to every entry in the series.
I have also updated the sidebar with the new Top 10 (it links to the post at Dodgers Digest until we get the prospects page updated).

The Dodgers' farm system is as strong as it has been in years. It's considered a Top 10 system by most publications, as it has a lot of top-end talent and improved depth. So, head over to Dodgers Digest to check it out (and the supplemental pieces to follow).

Also, it'd be swell if the Dodgers signed Yoan Moncada so I could add him to the list.

Photo credit: Dustin Nosler, Dodgers Digest

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