My name is Dustin Nosler. I have been a Dodger fan and baseball lover for as long as I can remember. Baseball has -- and always will be -- my passion.

This blog is a platform for me to voice my thoughts and opinions on the Dodgers, baseball and anything else I see fit.

Bloggers have a negative connotation attached to them -- especially by journalists. Sometimes this is warranted, but sometimes it isn't. And as journalists are delving more and more into the social media world, that is becoming less and less true. I was a member of the Sacramento State student-run newspaper, The State Hornet. I just finished my three-year stint after graduating with my bachelor's of arts in journalism. I have been a staff writer, sports editor and online managing editor. I finished my one-year term as the paper's Editor in Chief.

As an aspiring journalist, I know how to write and report while staying true to the Society of Professional Journalists code of ethics. Unfortunately, I don't see myself doing much reporting on this blog, but I will do my best to give my opinion on everything Dodgers.

The only visual elements you will see on this blog are obtained without copyright infringement: my own photos, work from others with their permission or Creative Commons.

You can find most of my written work now at Dodgers Digest, but I'll still edit content here at Feelin' Kinda Blue.

Thank you for reading. Go Blue!

Updated: 1/19/14